64 New Book on Engines, General Aviation Maintenance – Interview with Mike Busch of Savvy Aviation

64 New Book on Engines, General Aviation Maintenance – Interview with Mike Busch of Savvy Aviation

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64 Max interviews Mike Busch, 2008 National Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year about his new book, Mike Busch on Engines. Mike founded Savvy Aviation, Inc, which includes a concierge maintenance management service, a prebuy management service, an engine monitor data analysis service, and a new 24/7 fast-response breakdown assistance service. His latest book, Mike Busch on Engines: What every aircraft owner needs to know about the design, operation, condition monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting of piston aircraft engines, was published in March 2018. His first book was Manifesto: A Revolutionary Approach to General Aviation Maintenance.

Mike was born in New York City and grew up in the northeast. After majoring in math in college, he did graduate work in math and business, and soon after moved to the West coast, where he’s been ever since. After college, he worked in the computer industry as a software developer, and he managed major software development projects for corporations including Computer Sciences Corporation, General Electric, Honeywell, NCR, Phillips, and Visa.

In 1995, he began working fulltime in the aviation industry, when he cofounded AvWeb.com, a well known aviation news web site. He’s also a prolific writer of articles on maintenance that have appeared in many General Aviation magazines including his monthly maintenance column, “Savvy Maintenance” in AOPA PILOT magazine.

Mentioned in the Show
Order Mike’s New Book on Amazon: Mike Busch on Engines
Order Mike’s 1st Book on Amazon: Manifesto: A Revolutionary Approach to General Aviation Maintenance
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Savvy Aviation – Mike Busch’s main web site

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Low Cost, Garmin G5 Electronic Flight Instrument for certificated, experimental and LSA Aircraft – Garmin Interview – EP14

Garmin recently announced that their low-cost, G5 Electronic Flight Instrument will now be available for use in certificated aircraft. It fits directly into a standard 3 1/8 inch hole used for instruments in most aircraft, which reduces installation time and cost. In this Newsmakers episode of the Aviation News Talk podcast, we interview Garmin software engineer Joe Gepner, who helped design the G5.

The Garmin G5 is a direct replacement for a round-gauge attitude indicator, and it was originally introduced for experimental and LSA aircraft in July 2016. Pricing of that version starts at $1199. Later, Garmin introduced a second page in the G5 that displays a HSI, so that it can also be used as a direct replacement for a DG, heading indicator, or HSI. If a pilot has two of these instruments in an aircraft and the one displaying the attitude indicator fails, the G5 displaying an HSI can be switched in flight to display the attitude indicator.

In May 2017, Garmin announced a version of the G5 Electronic Flight Instrument that can be used to retrofit attitude indicators and DG/heading indicators in over 600 models of the most common certificated aircraft. That makes it easy for Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and other aircraft owners to easily retrofit their aircraft with a low cost glass panel display. A single Garmin G5 for certificated aircraft sells for about $2500, and includes an installation kit, magnetometer and 4-hour backup battery.

When configured as a attitude indicator replacement, the Garmin G5 looks like a miniature version of a Garmin G1000 PFD (primary flight display). Like the G1000, it displays the six primary flight instruments: airspeed, altitude, vertical speed, an attitude indicator, HSI, and turn coordinator with slip/skid indicator. It also displays ground speed and ground track from a built-in GPS.

The experimental/LSA version of the Garmin G5 also has a built-in autopilot. To use it, two optional servo motors need to be installed.

Listen to episode 14 of the Aviation News Talk podcast now to learn more about how owners can retrofit older aircraft with the Garmin G5 to add glass cockpit features and reliability to these planes.

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