Welcome to Aviation News Talk! Our podcast focuses on General Aviation news, general tips for pilots, technical details on glass cockpits and flying GPS approaches, and an occasional interview. We also answer listener questions. I bring my more than 40 years of piloting experience to the show to help teach pilots and future pilots to fly safely. I’m the 2008 National CFI of the Year, and a Cirrus Platinum CSIP. I work with people who are deciding whether to buy a new or used Cirrus to help guide them in the purchasing process. Afterwards, I also help with ferry the aircraft to your home airport and providing any instruction you need. Contact as early in your decision making process as possible, so that I can provide you the most assistance. I can help you understand differences between Cirrus models and the tradeoffs involved in buying a new 2017 Cirrus SR22 G6 versus purchasing a late model used aircraft.