162 Cirrus SR22 Crashes on an Instrument Approach after Unnecessary Fuel Stop and Many Other Risk Factors + GA News

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Max talks about a fatal crash with many risk factors including a pilot who had low total flying time and relatively little experience in an SR22. After a 5-hour flight, flown late at night, he flew past his destination to buy cheap fuel at another airport close to his home. During that time, his home field went below minimums. He appeared to be unaware he was flying parallel, but offset by 0.6 miles laterally, throughout the entire approach. He ended up crashing a mile short of the runway. The accident pilot made a similar mistake during an instrument approach he flew two nights earlier. However that time, after flying parallel and offset from the final approach course for a full minute, he noticed his error and slowly corrected, getting back on course just at the Final Approach Fix.

These similar errors suggest the pilot was not looking at the HSI for primary course guidance during his instrument approaches. Most likely, he was instead referring to the moving map for course guidance. Unfortunately the moving map presents virtually the same image whether you’re slightly off course or far outside the bounds of the instrument approach, as this pilot was. Depending upon how the map range is set, the map looks virtually the same in both cases. I occasionally see instrument pilots make this mistake and I always tell them they must use the HSI (or CDI), not the moving map, for primary course guidance.

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