68 10 Things to Know about the Impossible Turn after a Takeoff Engine Failure Emergency + GA News

68 10 Things to Know about the Impossible Turn after a Takeoff Engine Failure Emergency + GA News

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The Impossible Turn
10 Things to Know after a Takeoff Engine Failure Emergency
#1 When the engine quits on takeoff, land straight ahead. Don’t turn back to the runway unless you have no other good options.
#2 Understand that Your Lizard Brain will take over in an Emergency And will tell you to turn back to the runway.
#3 Understand that people die trying the impossible turn
#4 Teaching and practicing the impossible turn at low altitude is malpractice!
#5 There is almost always a better alternatives than turning back to the runway.
#6 It’s NOT a 180 degree turn to go back to the runway—it’s far more complicated than that.
#7 Choosing the optimal bank angle to get back to the runway will be very tricky.
#8 The steeper your bank angle, the more rapidly stall speed rises.
#9 You might not make it back to the runway, and if you do, you’ll be landing with a tailwind.
#10 Always do a pretakeoff briefing Before you take off.
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