91 Lessons Learned in a Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet flying STARs or IFR Arrival Procedures + General Aviation News

91 Lessons Learned in a Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet flying STARs or IFR Arrival Procedures + GA News

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Flyings IFR STARS or Arrival Procedures
91 Max talks in detail about IFR Arrival Procedures, also called STARs. These are ATC-coded IFR route for IFR aircraft flying to a specific airport. There are different kinds of clearances you can get on an Arrival. If you’re cleared to “descend VIA” an Arrival, then you can descend at pilot discretion to reach all of the published altitudes for each fix.

Some key takeaways for pilots should be:
1. Read the Arrival charts ahead of time to find all altitude and speed restrictions.
2. Don’t descend automatically on an Arrival unless you been issued a Descend Via clearance by ATC.
3. If you’re not able to make a speed or altitude crossing restriction, notify ATC as soon as possible.
4. When loading an Arrival into your GPS, be aware that you may have to load a transition, even if you’re not flying on a transition, but have been cleared directly to the fix for which the Arrival procedure is named.
5. Use the FLC or IAS mode on the autopilot to meet speed restriction while descending.

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