39 Private Pilot Checkride Prep – How to Fail a Checkride before it Even Starts – Interview with Jason Blair

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Jason Blair is a FAA DPE, or Designated Pilot Examiner, who gives checkrides to pilots, and he’s also an active flight instructor. He got an early start in aviation, taking flying lessons at age 15, soloing at 16, and getting his private certificate at 17.

Jason explains that there is a shortage of designated pilot examiners who give checkrides, which is affecting people’s ability to schedule a checkride. He also said that if someone feels that an examiner is not conducting checkrides in accordance with the ACS, they can send comments to this FAA Email address for DPE/Practical Test Concerns.

Then he talks about the important qualification process, which occurs at the beginning of a checkride. If a student doesn’t have all the documents, correct endorsements, or hasn’t met all of the experience requirements, he or she will be going home before the checkride even starts. He explains the most common oversights he sees during the qualification process, and encourages flight instructors to have a second CFI review a pilot’s logbook and endorsements, to ensure that the pilot is qualified for the checkride, and won’t be sent home early.

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