84 Ten Things Pilots Do that bug ATC Controllers – Interview with Brandon Gonzales

84 Ten Things Pilots Do that bug ATC Controllers – Interview with Brandon Gonzales

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Things Pilots Do that bug ATC Controllers
Here’s Brandon’s List:
1. Monitor the freq. before you speak.
2. Cleared for immediate takeoff, but then not doing it. Or, worse yet, doing it too quickly when not prepared.
3. IMMEDIATELY- Used by ATC when such action compliance is required to avoid an imminent situation
EXPEDITE− Used by ATC when prompt compliance is required to avoid the development of an imminent situation.
4. If you can’t accept or comply, advise. Maybe even provide an alternative that you can do.
5. If you don’t understand instructions. Please ask for clarification!
6. Repeating everything back verbatim. Use judgment with respect to read backs.
7. Hold short readbacks need the words hold short with callsign and runway number
8. Traffic calls. Use looking, or traffic in sight, not ‘See it on the Fish Finder”
9. Spelling out local airports phonetically; Don’t use the the Kilo
10. Turning early crosswinds and cutting out traffic. The AIM says turn crosswind when 300’ below TPA.
11. Doing a touch and go when cleared to land.
12. Turning base without a sequence is very dangerous.

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