85 Private Pilot Secrets for Making Short-Field Landings, Red Bull Race Winner, Depression + General Aviation News

85 Private Pilot Secrets for Making Short-Field Landings, Red Bull Race Winner, Depression + GA News

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Short Field Landings
85 Max talks in detail about what it takes to make a good short-field landing. Calculating an appropriate airspeed and selecting an aiming point are both critical Results from the 2018 Red Bull Air Race World Championship. A listener suffering from clinical depression and anxiety who is on two medications to combat these chemical imbalances asks about the process for getting an FAA medical.

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DC-10 and 747 Supertankers Reloading to Fight California Fires
California Highway Patrol footage of Camp Fire

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Special Issuance Certification for Depression with Antidepressant usage
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Airplane Flying Handbook – Chpt 8 Approaches and Landings

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Hurricane Irma Relief – Remote Area Medical – Stan Brock Interview

Remote Area Medical (RAM) is working to deploy it’s fleet of aircraft to Puerto Rico, which will be the forward base from which their Cessna Caravan will fly supplies to the islands hardest hit by Hurricane Irma. RAM was founded over 30 years ago, and has helped provide medical services to over 100,000 people. They are looking for volunteer pilots and healthcare professionals to provide services in underserved areas in the U.S. and the Caribbean. They currently need pilots who can fly their Caravans and their King Air 200. You can find the Remote Area Medical webpage here and their Facebook page here. In this episode, we interview RAM founder Stan Brock about the organization, and learned how doctors, dentists, optometrists, and pilots can help the organization by volunteering their time, or donating money.

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