Hot prop dangers, how Magnetos Work, and Best Way to do a Mag check + GA News – EP 13

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In this podcast, we talk about hot props, magnetos, and how moving a propeller can result in your death. I had never seen a video of a propeller starting accidentally, but while researching this episode I found one, and I’ve included a link to it here. You’ll see that pilot was shocked when the engine started and that he barely escaped serious injury.

We also talk about magnetos, which are the culprits that can lead to a hot prop. We’ll discuss the mag check that most pilots do during their runup before takeoff, and how to use it to make sure you don’t have a hot prop. I wanted to talk about this because I run into many experienced pilots who are not aware of how to determine whether they have a hot prop, or of safe ways to move a propeller by hand.

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Overview of Traffic systems, how TIS traffic works & limitations, Avoiding Unstable Approaches + GA News – EP12

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News Stories

Plus an overview of traffic systems and details on TIS (traffic information service), how it works, and its limitations, and listener email on avoiding unstable approaches by planning your descent.

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Portable ADS-B receiver limitations, Cutting flying costs, BasicMed for safety pilots, CFI arrested, Aztec loses landing gear + GA News – EP10

News Stories

Plus discussion on the limitations of portable ADS-B receivers, and listener questions on BasicMed and reducing the cost of flight training.

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Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet Review & Visit to Cirrus Aircraft Customer Experience Vision Center in Knoxville, TN – EP11

The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet is a single-engine jet priced just under $2 million. In this episode, we review the Cirrus jet during a trip to the Cirrus Customer Experience Vision Center in Knoxville, TN.

If you are trying to decide between buying a new Cirrus SR20, SR22, or a slightly used one, or if you’re considering buying a SF50 Vision Jet, please contact me early in the process so I can help you with that evaluation. I specialize in the Cirrus and work with people around country.

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Icon A-5 seaplane crash, Diamond DA42 trip report, Airline Pilot use of pitch and power to control airspeed+GA news – EP9

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News stories
Icon A-5 Crash
ForeFlight and Jeppesen collaboration
FAA Spending Bill Signed into Law
Pilots flock to BasicMed
Decline in number of ATPs issues
Court Orders Review of FAA Deal To Close Santa Monica Airport
FAA issues warning on using commercial checklists
First commercial two-seater solar plane flies
General aviation in China could amount to $40 billion
Skydiver in Denmark dangles from C182 for an hour


Fatal Cirrus SR22 crash, Inspecting a Cessna 182, Why new airplane owners crash +GA news – EP8

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Max interviewed on the Prebuy Guys podcast.

News stories
Former pilot headed to jail for 10 months for breaking a FAR

Doctor dies in Cirrus SR22 crash 22 days after buying airplane and Max discuss’s why pilots often crash soon after buying an airplane.

Planes of Fame Air Show will be held in spite of lawsuit.

Santa Monica identifies safety problems with shortening runway at KSMO.

New GPS approaches implemented for KSMO.

Banning, CA city council votes to close airport.

Cubcrafters now the most popular LSA aircraft.

Glasair Sportsman moving from kits to certificated aircraft.

Evolution Aircraft Expands Lineup

Planning a cross country flight from California to Texas in a Diamond DA42NG – EP7

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Max talks about the planning he’s doing now for a cross country trip from Palo Alto California to the Dallas, Texas area in a Diamond DA42NG. He looks at the weather forecast, the route, altitudes, and the many items that he’s bring along for the trip. Best of all, you can follow the trip by following N616SA in, if you’re listening to this episode on Friday, April 28.

Flying Cirrus SR22 & Diamonds, CFI Training, general aviation culture + GA News – EP6

Nailing airspeed in the Cirrus SR22, How do you become a CFI flight instructor, general aviation culture, feds raid flight school, air marshall leaves gun in Delta lavatory, & GA News.

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News stories

Listener question: How do you become a CFI?

Dispatcher Mike of the Flying and Life podcast discusses the airlines use of Part 135 charter aircraft.

Red Bull Winner, Pilot Arrested, Flying the Atlantic, Deadly Distractions +GA News – EP5

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A Crash that sent pilot to closed runway prompts FAA changes. When pilot Joseph Milo reported engine trouble, an air traffic controller directed him to a nearby airfield. But the airfield had actually closed 25 years earlier, and industrial buildings occupied its former runway. Milo crashed a quarter-mile away and died. His death prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to update its procedures to include weekly accuracy checks of its radar video maps

The FAA has adopted a new airworthiness directive, effective Wednesday, in response to a report of an event aboard an American Champion Aircraft Corp. airplane. Specifically, a pilot reported dealing with a stuck aileron during a flight in his Super Decathlon (model no. 8KCAB), and while he was able to “un-stick” the aileron and land successfully, the subsequent examination of the aircraft uncovered a “cracked structure around several of the aileron hinges,” according to the AD.

Area Forecasts (FA) to be discontinued in October 2017.

AOPA Regional Fly-in at Camarillo, CA on April 28-29

EAA officials announced this week that the Founder’s Innovation Prize competition will continue through 2020, with five years’ worth of finalists eligible for a major grand prize. Each year’s competition welcomes ideas to counter loss of control accidents in amateur-built aircraft.

Five aircraft violated air restrictions during President Trump’s 4-day Easter weekend stay at the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, the Federal Aviation Administration said Monday. If you’re keeping track there have been 13 weekends since the President was inaugurated on Friday, January 20. Seven of those weekends have been spent in Palm Beach. So pilots in Florida going to have to get used to the fact that it appears that on any given weekend, there’s a greater than 50% chance there will be a 30 NM TFR around Palm Beach. So far, those visits have averaged over 3 days per visit.

A Southwest Airlines pilot has been arrested on a weapons charge in New York after airport security officers found a loaded handgun in his carry-on bag. Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says 55-year-old Erik Gibson was slated to pilot a flight to Tampa, Florida, on Monday morning when TSA officers found the gun during routine screening.

Over the weekend a Cessna 208 lost power and landed in a field safely in Texas.

And there’s a winner…for the Red Bull races in San Diego last weekend. Japanese pilot Yoshi Muroya placed first.

Stemme AG, best known for its high-end motor gliders, the S10 and S12, has announced its merger with Remos AG, the German maker of the GX light sport aircraft.

Volocopter 2X. Photo by Ute Stumpf

More new models from Friedrichshafen, Germany show.
e-Volo shows 2X Volocopter on sale in 2018. The German company plans to certify the two-seat 2X under a new German Ultralight category being created for 2018 and offer the 2X for sale next year.


The first Public Showing Of The 11-seat Tecnam P2012 Traveller.

Australia International Airshow was held last month at the Avalon Airport Video from ThePlaneSpotterHD on Youtube. The boys for the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast released a new episode yesterday in which they did interviews at the Avalon Airport. So if you want to know more about the Avalon show, look for episode 130 of the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast.

FAA ATC Privatization Update. AP Story. NBAA story.

Deadly Cockpit Distractions. We talk about how to identify them when they occur, and what to do once you identify them.

United Airlines PR Disaster & FlyOtto’s Offer to UAL: Aircraft Charter Service – EP4

Interview with Rod Rakic, founder of, on a creative alternative to United’s current policy of bumping paying passengers to seat airline employees: On demand charter aircraft.
This week, United Airlines is in the news for the PR disaster they created on the ground at the Chicago O’Hare Airport when they dragged a passenger off a plane to make room for airline employees who need to get to Louisville to crew a flight the next today.
The passenger, Dr. David Dao, screamed as officers pulled him out of his seat. They slammed his face into the armrest and then dragged him, apparently unconscious, by his arms along the aircraft’s aisle. In the aftermath, FlyOtto, an on-demand air charter service, made an interesting offer to United Airlines.